Sen. Doug Jones Slams NRA ‘Scare Tactics,’ But Says People Shouldn’t ‘Demonize’ Pro-Gun Groups


In his first speech on the Senate floor, Doug Jones (D-AL) called on both sides of the gun debate to re-evaluate their rhetoric in light of all the violence America has seen over the last two months.

Jones saluted the recent student marchers for gun safety by saying they were “awakening the conscience of Americans” to the epidemic of gun violence. He continued to say that lawmakers stand at a crossroad where they can keep debating the Second Amendment and perpetuating the cycle of inaction, or they can take real action to make America safer.

“We’ve finally reached a tipping point regarding gun violence,” Jones said. “At its core, the Second Amendment was an effort to protect Americans. Let us do the same.”

Eventually, Jones moved on to condemn the heated rhetoric and “extreme views” that have dominated recent political debates on gun ownership. To the anti-gun crowd, Jones said that recent gun restriction proposals are too impractical, and they need to stop vilifying lawful firearm users.

“You can’t simply demonize the NRA and pro-gun groups. I know that these groups sometimes take what many, including me, consider extreme positions. they also represent millions of law-abiding gun owners who are concerned that their right to bear arms are at risk.”

To pro-gun people, Jones said they have to stop fear-mongering and insisting that the only way to ensure safety in America is to give more guns to everyone:

“To those who would seek to maintain the status quo like the NRA or anyone else, please stop using scare tactics to try and convince law-abiding gun owners that the federal government is hell-bent on taking their guns away. That is simply not going to happen and everyone knows it. We also need to get past the idea that more guns in society will make us all safer. The statistics and the data simply do not support that.”

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