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Stacey Dash to Trans People: If You Need a Bathroom, ‘Go to the Bushes’

Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ Is Coming to Theaters!

Entertainment Weekly Tests Out New ‘Write for Us for Free’ Model

Up with Chris Hayes Is Officially No Longer Cool

Love Cougar Town And Hate The Price Is Right? Odds Are You’re A Democrat

Entertainment Weekly: The Five Is ‘Delightfully Nutty’ With ‘An Undercurrent Of Ragin’ Crazy’

CBS News Insists Scott Pelley’s Off To A Fine Start–Despite What You May Have Read (Here)

Revealed: Stan Lee’s Schwarzenegger Comic Book The Governator

Flashback: Jeff Jarvis’ Revealing And Hand Typed Entertainment Weekly Pitch From 1988

Glenn Beck On Being Called A ‘Nutcake’ By Stephen King: ‘Meant It In A Good Way’

Why EW‘s New Delivery Schedule Is A Big Vote Of Confidence

Chloe Sevigny Disses Big Love; Backtracks On HBO’s Corp. Kin EW

Doc Jensen, Where Are You? Lost Fans Await Your Recap Wisdom

Mediaite’s Magazine Editor Of The Year: Newsweek‘s Jon Meacham

COVER WARS: The All-Time Greatest Cover In The Twilight Saga So Far

Is Adam Lambert Too Gay? Or, Not Gay Enough?

Fans Have Spoken: The Greatest Twilight Cover So Far Goes To…

Magazine Covers That Reference Other Magazine Covers

What Makes A Magazine Cover Controversial?

New EW Ads: Videos in a Magazine, for Consumption by the Web

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