Eric Cantor

Fmr. GOP House Leader Eric Cantor Hits Party For Backing Moore: ‘Absolutely It Bothers Me’

Eric Cantor: Tea Party Expectations Are ‘Unreasonable’

Pressure Mounts from Kentucky on Rand Paul to Pack It In

Chuck Todd to Eric Cantor: How Does Repealing Obamacare Count as Common Ground?

Anthony Weiner and Elizabeth Warren Spar over Eric Cantor and ‘Revolving Doors’

Here’s How Much Eric Cantor’s New Wall Street Job Pays

Eric Cantor Announces He’s Resigining from Congress Early

Dave Brat Says Cantor’s Been ‘Supportive,’ Takes Shot at ‘Gotcha’ Media

Schweitzer Apologizes for ‘Stupid’ Comments About Cantor and Feinstein

Dem 2016 Hopeful Schweitzer: Cantor’s ‘Effeminate Mannerisms’ Set Off My Gaydar

Rupert Murdoch Pushes for Immigration Reform in WSJ Op-Ed

Tea Party Rep.’s Campaign for Majority Leader Has Just One Hilarious Problem

Ingraham on Taliban Remark: Cantor ‘Can’t Take a Joke,’ Probably ‘Why He Lost’

Cantor: Ingraham Saying I Should Be Traded to Taliban ‘Cheapens the Debate’

Fox’s Wallace Battles GOPers: How Will You Deal with Tea Party ‘Split’?

Bash on Cantor Interview: ‘I Tried to Get Him off His Talking Points…’

CNN’s Bash Grills Cantor on his Defeat, Immigration: ‘If You Can’t Beat a Republican…’

Maher on Cantor Defeat: Now 100% of House Republicans are Christian

GOP Sen. Thad Cochran Has Absolutely No Idea That Eric Cantor Lost?

Flashback: Here’s Eric Cantor Defending the Tea Party Against a College Professor

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