Fred Phelps

Westboro Bapist Church Protester: Donald Trump is Too ‘Fringe’

AZ Official Gets Slammed for Praising Fred Phelps, Linking to The Onion‘s Obit

Maddow: Westboro Baptist Church So Vile, They Brought Out ‘Best in People’

‘Sorry for Your Loss’: Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protestors Keep Things Classy

With Fred Phelps Gone, Who Is America’s Most Hated?

Liberals and Conservatives Agree: Fred Phelps Is Going to Hell

NY Satanic Temple Wants to Posthumously Make Fred Phelps Gay

Westboro Baptist Founder Fred Phelps on the ‘Edge of Death’

Bill Maher Prefers The Westboro Baptist Church To Sen. Jim DeMint

Do Anti-Gay Groups Have Right To Protest Military Funerals?

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