Gay Marriage

Scott Brown’s Country-Singing Daughter: I Support Gay Marriage Because ‘I Played Women’s Basketball’

Wait, What?: Katrina Pierson Nonsensically Attacks Romney for Being ‘Pro-Adoption’

This Gay Couple Got an Anonymous Homophobic Threat Instead of a Wedding RSVP

Gay Republican Corners Cruz on Live TV: What Will You Do ‘To Protect Me and My Husband?’

Dan Savage on Clinton’s Gay Marriage Flip-Flop: Take ‘MotherF**king Yes For a MotherF**king Answer!’ 

Federal Judge Grants Kim Davis Approval to Issue Marriage Licenses Without Her Name

Anti-Gay Marriage Dude Tries to Mansplain the Supreme Court to Megyn Kelly

Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore Bans Gay Marriage and He Means It This Time

Huckabee Denies Mischaracterizing Cruz on Gay Marriage: Incredibly Inconsistent

Huckabee Goes After Cruz on Gay Marriage: Changes Message ‘Depending on Location’

KY Gov-Elect Addresses Kim Davis Issue, Will Remove Clerk Names from Marriage Licenses

Joe Biden Sure Seems to Tell a Lot of Stories That Aren’t True

Tenn. County Will Take Up Resolution ‘Petitioning God’s Mercy’ Because of Gay Marriage

Hillary Mocks Gay Marriage ‘Ridiculousness’ from Carson, Cruz

Raven-Symoné Gets a Big Gay Marriage Admission out of Santorum

Memories Pizza Is Back and They Technically Just Catered a Gay Wedding

Pope Francis: Govt Workers Have ‘Human Right’ to Refuse Gay Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis: ‘I Have Friends Who Are Gay’ Who I Denied Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis’ Lawyers Files Emergency Motion to Get Her Released from Jail

Chris Hayes Battles Kim Davis’ Attorney: Is Denying Interracial Marriage Licenses Okay?

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