Kayleigh McEnany

‘I Will Do Whatever I Want To Do’: CNN Contributors Throw Down Over Questioning Trump’s Legitimacy

‘Are We Really Gonna Do This?’: CNN Panel Goes Off Over Trump, Conspiracy Theories

‘You Should Be Ashamed!’: CNN Panel Ignites Over Bannon Hire

‘Donald Trump Has Never Proposed Internment Camps!’: CNN Panel Takes a Grim Turn

‘One Rule for Elites and One Rule for Regular Folks’: CNN Panel Clashes Over Jay Z Lyrics

Kayleigh McEnany: Only Democrats Heard Trump Say the Election is ‘Rigged’

If Angela Rye and Kayleigh McEnany Can Put Aside Political Differences, You and Your Friends Can, Too

‘That’s Not What He Said!’: Don Lemon Calls Out Trump Supporter’s Defense Of Gingrich

‘Sexual Assault, Let’s Say the Words!’: CNN Discussion Goes Nuts Over Megyn Kelly

CNN Panel Blows Up Over ‘Bad Hombres’: It’s Not the N-Word!

‘Tell Me What Look At Her Means!’: Jake Tapper Pushes Back Against Trump Supporter’s Spin

‘That’s Rape Culture!’: CNN Panel Blows Up Over Whether Hillary ‘Facilitated’ Bill Scandals

Tapper Goes Off on Trump Supporter: ‘Talking Over Me Doesn’t Make What You’re Saying True’

CNN Panel Dissolves Into Giggles Over Whether Trump Should Keep Acting ‘Obnoxious’

Maher: If You Hate the Establishment Now, Wait Until Trump’s Insane Surrogates Take Over

Jake Tapper to Trump Supporter: He Is ‘Surrounded by a Philanderers Club’

‘Do You Want an Average Person in the White House?’: Cooper Confronts Trump Supporter

David Duke Would Really Like It If Jew-Run CNN Would Please Interview Him

Entire CNN Panel Scoffs When Kayleigh McEnany Argues Trump Flip-Flop Is Not a Flip-Flop

Black Panelists Beat Down Trump Supporter’s Claim That He’s ‘On the Cutting Edge of Civil Rights’

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