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Kayleigh McEnany

New RNC Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany Has Shocking Opinions About Pizza

Jake Tapper on Trump TV: ‘It’s Not Real and It’s Not News’

Twitter Honors Kayleigh McEnany’s New RNC Job by Resurrecting Her Classic Tweets

Trump TV Will Follow Kayleigh McEnany For the Rest of Her Life

Kayleigh McEnany Set to Join RNC as National Spokesperson

Ex-CNN Commentator Kayleigh McEnany Suddenly Pops Up On Trump’s Facebook Page

Kayleigh McEnany Tweets She’s Leaving CNN, ‘Moving to a New Role’

‘It Was Just a Joke!’ CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump’s Anti-CNN Tweet

‘Sexual Predator’ and ‘Disgusting Human Being’: CNN Panel Erupts Over Trump’s Treatment of Women

‘Immature, Childish, Foolish’: Ana Navarro Slams Palin, Nugent for Hillary Clinton Trolling

CNN’s Zucker Describes Network’s Pro-Trump Panelists As ‘Characters in a Drama’

‘She’s Not Qualified!’: CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, Kayleigh McEnany Battle Over Ivanka White House Role

‘I Don’t Think It’s Hypocritical’: Kayleigh McEnany Has No Problem With Trump’s Flip-Flop on Job Numbers

‘No One is Telling a Man What to do With His Penis’: Sparks Fly in Fiery New Day Interview

‘You Are Using Fake News Arguments!’: CNN Panel on Trump, Anti-Semitism Goes Off the Rails

Kayleigh McEnany: Obama Was ‘Out of Touch’ the Whole Election

‘I Think the Kids Can Survive!’: Democrat Responds to Trump Supporter’s ‘Unfair’ Claim on Blind Trust

‘I Will Do Whatever I Want To Do’: CNN Contributors Throw Down Over Questioning Trump’s Legitimacy

‘Are We Really Gonna Do This?’: CNN Panel Goes Off Over Trump, Conspiracy Theories

‘You Should Be Ashamed!’: CNN Panel Ignites Over Bannon Hire

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