Malia Obama

Twitter Rips Daily Caller for Posting Video of Malia Obama Blowing Smoke Rings

Criticism of Sasha and Malia Obama Highlights Common Sexist Double Standard

‘Emotionally Disturbed’: Charges Possible After NYC Man Repeatedly Stalks Malia Obama

Bush Sisters Pen Letter To Obama Girls: ‘In Eight Years You Have Done So Much…’

Don’t Waste Your Time with Faux Outrage Over Malia Obama Dancing at Lollapalooza

Watch President Obama ‘Embarrass’ His Daughter in Adorable Fashion Closes Comment Section on Malia Obama Article After Avalanche of Racism

How Will History View the Obamas As Parents?

If People Really Want to Talk About the Obama Girls’ State Dinner Dre$$es, Let’s Talk

Obama Cites Very Specific Reason He Refuses to Speak at Malia’s High School Graduation

Jeb Bush Mangles Malia Obama’s Name While Slamming Her Parents

President Obama Broke Out His Best Dad Jokes at Turkey Pardon

Brown University Newspaper Apologizes to Malia Obama for Beer Pong Photos

Conservative Website Obtains Photo of 17-Year-Old Malia Obama Perhaps Playing Beer Pong

Kenyan Lawyer Wants to Buy Malia Obama for 50 Cows, 70 Sheep and 30 Goats

Obama: My Kids Probably Won’t Run for Office, They’ve Been ‘Listening to Their Mother”

Joey Bada$$ Claims His Phone Got Tapped After Leaked Malia Obama Selfie

Huckabee: Obamas Letting Kids Listen to Beyoncé Is Bad Parenting

WH Reportedly Investigating Source of Photo That May or May Not Be Malia Obama

Concha: GOP’s Lauten Follows Limbaugh, Shuster, Harris-Perry in Breaking Rule #1

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