Twitter Rips Daily Caller for Posting Video of Malia Obama Blowing Smoke Rings


Welp, the editorial decision-making at The Daily Caller is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Newly hired Contributing Editor Benny Johnson is making a bit of a splash for his new employer, and no, it’s not for plagiarism. This time, Johnson published a breathless post featuring a “leaked video” of Malia Obama ostensibly blowing smoke rings in a video that purportedly was captured in a bar restroom.

While the Daily Caller post is careful to not cast any specific judgment, the video of President Barack Obama’s daughter is presented in a manner that passive-aggressively suggests guilt, despite her being a relatively normal 19-year-old college freshman at the green pastures of Harvard University.

The posting of the video–while also listing other “gotcha” moments from Ms. Obama’s youth–appeared to catch the ire of many on Twitter, some of whom took turns defending the privacy of Malia Obama and blaming The Daily Caller for their decision to amplify this video:

Johnson recently joined The Daily Caller after parting ways with the struggling-to-maintain-relevant and right-of-center outlet (their traffic is down 78% year over year last August.)

Daily Caller has been in the news a fair amount lately, but not necessarily for reasons they may desire. The Tucker Carlson-founded conservative website drew bipartisan ire for misquoting Jake Tapper’s comments about Allahu Akbar, which they later corrected. They also raised eyebrows for hiring conservative Alt-Right firebrand (and white nationalist enthusiast) Milo Yiannopoulosfor for a weekly column, which they shortly canceled thereafter.

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