Parker Spitzer

John Ziegler: Why Kathleen Parker Was Doomed At CNN

Report: Spitzer Telling Friends Co-Host Parker “Will Be Gone Within A Week”

Critic: Eliot Spitzer’s Good, But Could Be Great; Parker Spitzer Just Doesn’t Work

David Paterson: If Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Work Out ‘I’m Always There To Take His Place”

CNN’s Parker Spitzer Roars To Near Tie With Weakened Lawrence O’Donnell

Egyptian Blogger Ethar El-Katatney Tells Parker-Spitzer “We Got Punked”

Eliot Spitzer To Egyptian Ambassador On Harassing Journalists: Your Answers ‘Defy Credibility’

CNN’s Parker Spitzer Marks Big Ratings Gains–While Kathleen Parker Was Out Sick

Dan Abrams Discusses Violence Against Journalists Covering Egypt On CNN

Ratings: Amid Major News, MSNBC’s New Primetime Lineup Drops To Third

Worst Booking Ever? Parker Spitzer Talk State Dinner With WH Party Crashing Salahis

Amid Uncertainty And Rumors, CNN’s Parker Spitzer Has Its Best Week Ever

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Wins Big: 1 Million Viewers On 1/11/11

CNN’s Parker Spitzer Goes Live Amid Uncertainty Over Host’s Future

On CNN, Weak Parker Spitzer Outperforms Slumping Anderson Cooper

Ted Nugent Calls CNN “Planet Of The Apes” For Hiring Eliot Spitzer– On CNN

Alec Baldwin Tells CNN’s Eliot Spitzer He’s “Very Interested” In Running For Office

CNN’s Kathleen Parker On “Raunchy” Navy Videos: “That’s Hostile”

Sarah Palin, “Poverty” On Wall Street, And “Obama’s Wars:” 2011 Predictions From Parker, Spitzer

CNN’s Parker Spitzer Can Claim A Ratings Victory–Of Sorts

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