Russell Brand

Russell Brand: Bill O’Reilly Is On the Brink of Becoming Howard Beale

British Magazine: Russell Brand Among World’s Top 5 Most Important Thinkers

Russell Brand Compares Fox News to Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

Russell Brand Gets in Testy Exchange with Reporter over How Well-Off He Is

Russell Brand Fires Back at Bill Maher: He Seems ‘Worn Out’

Must-See Late Night Clip: Russell Brand Does Not Like Jimmy Fallon’s Impression of Him

Russell Brand, Oliver Stone, Other Celebs Co-Sign Statement in Support of Snowden

Russell Brand Might Quit Hollywood, Focus on Trolling

Russell Brand Says He’s ‘Open-Minded’ to 9/11 Conspiracies During Contentious BBC Interview

Who Does Russell Brand Hate Most: Piers, Trump or Hannity?

Piers Morgan Inserts Himself into Donald Trump vs. Russell Brand Feud

WATCH: Russell Brand Gets Kicked Out of Fox News Headquarters

Russell Brand to The View: Fox Condemns Immigrants to Distract from Real Problem: Rupert Murdoch

Russell Brand Goes After Obama’s ISIS Strategy: ‘Brutality Begets Brutality’

Russell Brand Responds to the ‘Fox News Furious Five’: You’re Spewing ‘Venom’

Gutfeld Fires Back at Russell Brand: ‘Full-Blown Racist,’ ‘Fashionable Fascist’

Russell Brand Fires Back at Greg Gutfeld: He ‘Vibrates in Hatred’

Greg Gutfeld Blows Up at ‘Commie Scum’ Russell Brand for Attacks on Fox

Russell Brand Nominates Sean Hannity for ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Russell Brand: MSNBC Is ‘Extremely Conservative’

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