Sally Kohn

Sally Kohn Forgets All the ‘Hateful Crazies’ That Are On Her Side

‘It Was Just a Joke!’ CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump’s Anti-CNN Tweet

‘GROUPHUG’: Liberal Twitter Mourns Over Georgia Special Election Results

Conservative Radio Host on Congressional Shooting: We Almost Had an ‘Archduke Ferdinand’ Moment

Trump Supporters on Reddit Slam Internet Privacy Bill: ‘Pure Spying’

I Wholeheartedly Endorse Sally Kohn’s Strategy to Give Us President Hillary Clinton

My 1-Year-Old Nephew Has Some Thoughts on Donald Trump

‘I’m Going to Stop This Right Now’: CNN Panel Melts Down During Trump Supporter’s Voter Fraud Rant

After Backlash, Sally Kohn Doubles Down on Defense of Progressive Muslims and Sharia Law

‘Statistics Don’t Lie!’: CNN Commentators Spar Over Trump’s Appeal to Black Voters

There’s a Petition Calling for CNN’s Sally Kohn to Be Sent to Live Under Sharia Law

After Islamic Terrorist Kills 49, CNN Contributor Focuses on the Real Threat: Christians

‘I’m Sick of the False Equivalence!’ CNN’s Kohn, McEnany Get Tense Over Hillary, Trump

Sally Kohn: If Trump Weren’t a White Man, He Wouldn’t Be Getting Support

Clinton Surrogate: States Sanders Won Are ‘Not the New America’

CNN’s Sally Kohn Scolds Fellow Bernie Supporters for Booing Her Praise of Hillary

Sally Kohn: ‘Sad’ and ‘Desperate’ to Compare Clinton’s Record With Women to Trump’s

CNN’s Sally Kohn: ‘Patriarchy and White Supremacy’ Behind Planned Parenthood Videos

CNN’s Sally Kohn Cringes at Hillary Campaign Roping Reporters: ‘This Is Awful!’

CNN’s Don Lemon to Panel: ‘Bull’ to Say Media Has Racial Double Standard on Saying ‘Thug’

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