Tom Coburn

Former GOP Senator Says Americans Need to Be More Like the Amish

‘It’s Absolutely True, Sir!’: MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Battles Ex-GOP Senator Over Healthcare Costs

Ex-GOP Senator Tom Coburn: Trump’s Tweets About John Lewis Are ‘Not Presidential’

Trump Campaign Falsely Attributed Anti-Cruz Attack to a Former GOP Senator

Outgoing GOP Senator on Obama: ‘I Just Love Him as a Man’

Sen. Coburn: Obama Immigration Order Could Lead to ‘Instances of Anarchy’

GOP Sen. Coburn: ‘There are Certain Shows on Fox I Can’t Watch’

GOP Sen. Predicts Marijuana Legalization Will End in ‘Tragedy’

With Feds Taking Over State’s Exchanges, Look Back at Oregon’s Psychedelic Obamacare Ads

‘Let Me Google That For You Act’ Is a Real Bill Being Proposed in Congress

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Grills RNC Spox over McConnell Receiving a Rifle at CPAC

Mitch McConnell Gifts Tom Coburn with a Gun on CPAC Stage

Sen. Tom Coburn Loses His Cancer Specialist Due to Obamacare

Sen. Tom Coburn to Resign at the End of This Congress

Nicolle Wallace Battles Sen. Coburn: ‘You Just Called Paul Ryan a Sell Out!’

Harry Reid to Maddow: If Cruz is 2016 GOP Nominee, It Will Be ‘End of the Republican Party’

Coburn Explains on Fox & Friends Why He Called Harry Reid an ‘A**hole’

GOP Senator Coburn: Harry Reid Is an ‘Absolute A**hole’

Tom Coburn Fights Axelrod Over Obamacare: ‘It’s Not the Ideas, It’s Gov’t Is Incompetent’

GOP Sen. Coburn Rips Up Giant Debt ‘Credit Card’ Live on Fox

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