Ann Coulter Goes on Tweetstorm Ripping Trump’s No-Wall Immigration Proposal: It’s ‘Rube-Bait’


If President Donald Trump was hoping his immigration proposal would win back Ann Coulter to his side, he’d be wrong.

The conservative firebrand and In Trump We Trust author live tweeted through Trump’s speech on Thursday laying out his administration’s plan to overhaul the immigration system. The president’s proposals included reducing family-based migration in favor of merit-based migration, increasing security on the southern border, and revamping the asylum system to weed out those trying to enter the country on, as he put it, “frivolous claims.”

Coulter was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters in response to his tough anti-immigration rhetoric and pledge to build a border wall during the 2016 election, but since hasn’t hesitated to criticize him every time he seemed to take his foot off the gas. Even though Trump insisted in his speech that he’s making progress on building a border law, Coulter wasn’t convinced, and she’s making it clear that her patience is running out.

“If you become VERY proficient at English, @realDonaldTrump, someday you will understand the meaning of the word ‘WALL,'” she wrote in one tweet, including a dictionary definition in another tweet.

“NO WALL. KEEPS SAME MASSIVE LEVELS OF LEGAL IMMIGRATION. And this is the rube-bait campaign document, not even a serious bill,” she concluded.

Read the full storm below:

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