Chris Cuomo Unveils His Own Graphic in Response to White House’s Mueller Costs Poster


CNN Primetime host Chris Cuomo unveiled his own response to the White House’s error-filled poster on the Mueller report, and his version listed damning figures about the real costs of Trump administration policies, from President Donald Trump’s many golf outings to his ongoing trade war with China to his administration’s tax cuts and how they have exploded the national debt.

“You know everybody likes to have their posters these days? Well, I’ve got mine,” Cuomo said,  before launching into a long fact-check of Trump’s fiscal irresponsibility. “He keeps throwing that $35 million for the Mueller report probe in your face, right? $102 million already, for golf costs paid by you. That’s three times more than President Obama at the same point. $102 million on something he promised you he wouldn’t do.”

Addressing the infrastructure bill — which was ostensibly the reason for the bipartisan White House meeting yesterday that quickly unraveled — Cuomo noted one big reason why it might be hard for the federal government to find the $2 billion necessary pay for it.

Moving on to the Trump administration’s signature achievement, the 2017 tax cuts, Cuomo noted: “1.5 trillion, that is the tax cut package, as a result, you now have $2 trillion more in national debt. As a result, they don’t have the money or tax revenue, [CNN host Don] Lemon. That’s why he can’t do infrastructure.”

And as for Trump’s escalating tariff battle with China, the CNN host noted that each American family was now paying an average $831 more on imported goods as a result of the trade war.

“Today, [Trump] had the farmers there and he said we’re giving them this money and it’s going to be paid for by China. No it isn’t. It’s going to be paid for by American taxpayers,” Cuomo pointed out, debunking a false claim that Trump continues to make even while U.S. agriculture suffers massive losses as as casualty of the trade war. “He doesn’t understand how tariffs work. Americans end up paying taxes. Basically it’s a tax. You’re going to pay a higher rate for your goods and services.”

After Cuomo’s rant, fellow CNN host Lemon asked: “Do you think Trump supporters factor in all the numbers that you just showed them?”

“No. I think they believe in the fight and give him huge leeway because they felt abandoned for too long,” Cuomo responded.

Watch video above, via CNN.

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