Chuck Todd Bewildered By Trump Claim He Didn’t Lose Popular Vote: ‘What Are You Talking About?’


NBC’s Chuck Todd was bewildered by President Donald Trump again claiming he did not actually lose the popular vote in 2016, and appearing to cast doubt on the vote total.

“You didn’t like the fact that you lost the popular vote. That bothered you didn’t it?” Todd asked.

“There were a lot of votes cast that I don’t believe. I look at California–” Trump said before Todd cut him off saying “Mr. President.”

Trump has often bristled in interviews when it is mentioned he lost the 2016 popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

“Excuse me,” Trump continued “Take a look at Judicial Watch. Take a look at their settlement. California admitted to a million votes.”

Trump appeared to be obliquely referencing a settlement announced by the conservative watchdog group, which aimed to have Los Angeles County remove inactive voters from voting rolls.

However, the lawsuit did not expose widespread voter fraud as Trump suggested. And Todd was still confused by what Trump was talking about.

“Million votes of what? What are you talking about?” Todd asked.

Trump soon moved on to talk about how he could have won the popular vote, but that he “didn’t campaign for the popular vote.”

“You didn’t see me campaigning in California and New York. If it was up to the popular vote, I would have done, I think, even better,” Trump argued.

Watch above, via NBC News

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