Larry Kudlow Claims President Has Power to Block Companies from Doing Business with China

White House National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow insisted on CBS that President Donald Trump does have authority to block private companies from doing business in China.

Trump’s economic adviser spoke with Face the Nation anchor Margaret Brennan on Sunday, who asked about Trump saying he “hereby ordered” companies to look for alternatives to business in China.

“Do you believe that the president does have the authority to block private businesses from investing in China?” Brennan asked.

Kudlow said the president could do it through “Emergency economic power authority. Well, it was nearly invoked, regarding the Mexican border crisis, before the Mexicans came to our rescue, and they’ve done a great job down at the border, great job. So in theory, that law exists.”

Kudlow then went on to say the president is not officially using emergency powers to get businesses out of China.

“And that’s why there’s no immediate action here,” Kudlow said. “He just put that out there. Look, I’ve heard him say this time and time again, the couple of years I’ve been working here, he’s said it to individual business. He said it to the big business groups. He’s asking them to come home. Come back home to America. We’re giving you low taxes and low regulations and know entrepreneurial environment.”

“To be clear, the president does not believe he can block private transactions with China?” Brennan asked.

“He is not intending to right now. That is not his intention,” Kudlow answered.

When Brennan followed up to ask if Trump was thinking about it, Kudlow demurred and said “I don’t even want to go down that road.”

Watch above, via CBS News.

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