‘Send The Florida National Guard To Mar-a-Lago’: MAGA Demands DeSantis Defy Any Trump Arrest By Force


Ron DeSantis

Senior Donald Trump adviser and former Gettr CEO Jason Miller is asking why potential 2024 opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to weigh in on President Donald Trump’s claim on Truth Social that New York may be planning to arrest him on Tuesday, and he’s not alone on the MAGA right.

But some are more than asking where DeSantis stands — they are demanding he make a stand. As in, with troops and guns and force to prevent any arrest.

Former vice president Mike Pence responded to the claim when speaking with reporters on Saturday, and fellow 2024 Republican primary opponent Vivek Ramaswamy weighed in on Twitter and in a video, resulting in praise for the two from Trump allies like Miller and Trump media figures such as Seb Gorka.

Those Trump figures also demanded to know where both Ron DeSantis and former governor Nikki Haley are.

But many on the Trump right had much bigger questions and demands for DeSantis on the subject, with big name MAGA Twitter accounts saying that the Florida governor must intervene, and use force to do so if necessary.

MAGA figure Mike Cernovich, lately tweeting pro-DeSantis commentary, even offered a statement for the Florida governor to use.

“‘I will not extradite a presidential candidate to a Soros DA who allows violent criminals to roam free until there has been a proper legal review conducted under Florida law. If lawful, then extradition may occur, but not one day sooner.’ DeSantis has to say this,” he wrote.

But it was far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist Stew Peters that took it the furthest — and was showered with retweets and likes for his take demanding DeSantis bring in the “Florida National Guard.”

There are reports of similar or even more explicit comments on Reddit or other internet forums about surrounding Mar-a-Lago or blocking traffic.

Trump on Saturday afternoon tripled down on his calls for protesters to come out on his behalf ahead of the potential indictment.

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina on Friday said that the ex-president would cooperate with any potential arrest.

“There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office,” he said.

Such cooperation would certainly seem to take an armed, DeSantis-led revolution out of the picture, one would think. But then, if one is calling for such a thing one may not be much of a thinker.

Correction: This story has been updated to note that Jason Miller no longer works at Gettr.

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