‘Tremendous Signage’: Trump Praises Pro-Trump Hong Kong Protest Banners

President Donald Trump praised the Hong Kong protesters for carrying American flags, “Make Hong Kong Great Again” banners, and pro-Trump signs, during a press conference, Monday.

President Trump said he would like to see a “very humane solution” to the protests in Hong Kong, added, “they have great people over there. They are flying the American flags. They even have signs flying the American flags. They even have signs, ‘Make China Great Again,’ ‘Make Hong Kong Great Again.'”

“They have tremendous signage, and they have a tremendous spirit for our country. A lot of American flags. A lot of Trump signs. I would just like to see a humane deal be worked out and I think President Xi has the ability to do it,” the president continued. “He is a very convincing man, and I think if he met with some of the leaders — that could be one problem, you don’t seem to have a specific leader of the group — but I really think they can do something. We just want to see a humane solution.”

During the press conference, President Trump also denied reports that he offered the Chinese government his silence on the Hong Kong protests in trade deal talks.

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