Trump Accuses Joe Scarborough of Murder in Interview With Brian Kilmeade, Who Says Nothing


President Donald Trump accused MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough of murder without pushback from Fox News host Brian Kilmeade — despite the conspiracy theory lacking one shred of evidence.

In an interview on Fox News Radio, Kilmeade asked the president about his recent feuds with Scarborough and CNN’s Chris Cuomo in the midst of the ongoing protests over the killing of George Floyd, the coronavirus pandemic, and other issues that would seem to be far more urgent.

“Why put them in your crosshairs when there’s so many other huge problems out there?” Kilmeade asked.

“I just do it,” Trump said. “People hit me, I hit back. I fight. I’ve always felt that about Scarborough. A lot of people in Florida felt he got away with murder, I think. I’ve always felt that. That’s not uncommon story, if you look at it, so we don’t have to waste time on it. But I always felt that he got away with murder. That was my feeling, very strong feeling. And I do feel it.”

Trump was referencing the death of Lori Klausutis, a staffer who died in Scarborough’s Florida congressional office in 2001. Her death was ruled accidental, as she suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition. Yet that proclamation, as well as the absence of any evidence, along with the fact that Scarborough was 800 miles away in Washington at the time of Klausutis’ death, has not stopped Trump from repeatedly making his accusation.

Nor, on Wednesday morning, did any of that stop Brian Kilmeade — who allowed Trump to make the accusation unchallenged. Trump sped past his smearing of Scarborough and went on to attack Cuomo, and congratulated himself for Kilmeade’s ratings.

“As far as Chris Cuomo, I just report on his ratings,” Trump said. “His ratings are terrible. Unlike your ratings at Fox & Friends — where you’re doing fantastically well. Thank you Mr. President. I think I help you a lot. But you have three great people — including you.  You used to be a six, then you got to be a seven or eight, and now you’re approaching the nine territory. But those other two are great.”

“Thanks,” Kilmeade said in response. “Always room for improvement.”

Listen above, via Fox News Radio.

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