Trump Claims Low Viewer Count of Biden’s Thanksgiving Day Video Message Proves He Couldn’t Have Won the Election


Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to insist that President-elect Joe Biden received record low numbers for his Thanksgiving Day Address — meaning he could not have possibly received the votes needed to win the election.

Trump cited an OAN report in his tweet, which claimed that Biden only received a thousand views, adding, “Numbers don’t lie, or add up!”

CNN’s Brian Stelter posted the OAN clip to Twitter, noting that the source for the claim that Biden only received a thousand views is a Twitter user:

“Joe Biden stirs a new controversy after his Thanksgiving address fails to attract viewers,” OAN host Emily Finn said. “Reports Thursday found Biden’s live stream address got only one thousand views online.”

Stelter later noted that videos of the live-streamed event on YouTube show Biden receiving hundreds of thousands of views, not just one thousand.

OAN’s report comes as YouTube banned the network from its platform for a week for pushing misinformation — also stripping the network of its ability to make money from their existing content.

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