ABC’s Martha Raddatz Previews ‘Total Blockbuster’ Bolton Interview


ABC’s Martha Raddatz did a great deal to promote her bombshell interview with John Bolton amid the political firestorm surrounding his memoir.

Raddatz joined The View on Thursday to talk about her chat with Bolton that will air Sunday on This Week, and naturally, there was a lot of focus on the former national security adviser’s explosive new book about President Donald Trump. When Whoopi Goldberg asked Raddatz for her take on whether the interview is a blockbuster, she strongly agreed that “it’s a total blockbuster.”

“Page after page is just draw-dropping what John Bolton says about President Trump throughout the book, throughout our interview,” Raddatz said. “The extraordinary thing here is this is the highest ranking person we have heard from who was in that White House, who was side by side with President Trump for 17 months. This is the most comprehensive account from that high ranking an official we have heard.”

Since Trump is now fully on the attack against Bolton, Raddatz continued to by listing the shocking allegations against the president revealed in early book reviews. Turning to the preview of her interview where Bolton pronounced Trump unfit for office, Raddatz called it “an extraordinary statement from a former top official about a sitting president.”

The panel went on by talking about the substantial foreign policy differences between Trump and Bolton, plus the criticism Bolton has received from those who say he should’ve brought his allegations before Congress during Trump’s impeachment trial instead of saving them for his book.

Watch above, via ABC.

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