Al Sharpton: The Supreme Court ‘Just Cancelled The Dream’ Of MLK Jr. In Voting Rights Decision

Reacting to the decision by the Supreme Court to invalidate portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 relating to the regions required to submit reapportionment plans to the Justice Department for preclearance, Rev. Al Sharpton expressed his disappointment with the Court on MSNBC. Sharpton said that the “dream” articulated by Martin Luther King Jr. related, in part, to voting rights and the Supreme Court had just “cancelled the dream.”

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“Let’s not forget that with all the voting suppression last year, there was record turnout,” Sharpton began. “People are not going to be robbed of their right to vote.”

Sharpton said he would call “an emergency summit” to organize a march to protect voter rights.

“What they just done is really revoked a lot of what Dr. King’s dream was all about,” Sharpton continued. “At least half of what Dr. King’s dream was about was voter rights, ’65. They just revoked that. They just cancelled the dream.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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