Andrew McCabe Explains Trump Memos: ‘We Wrote Down Things When We Spoke With People We Didn’t Trust’


Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe explained on Tuesday the proliferation of memos produced by FBI officials that have become an important part of the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

During an appearance on The View, McCabe continued the promotional tour of his new tell-all and score-settling tome Threat that has driven the news cycle since it was teased Thursday morning of last week.

In this very special episode of McCabeapalooza, the former Justice Department official (who was dismissed after an Inspector General alleged his “lack of candor” over press links) was challenged by co-host Meghan McCain, who opened her critical line of questioning McCabe’s credibility.

“I don’t believe you’re a reliable narrator,” McCain opened, before adding “And I’m not convinced this shot to just some kind of P.R. Campaign to stop yourself from getting indicted. You were fired at the recommendation of the FBI.”  She then asked her guest if he was “ever a leaker to The New York Times?

McCabe answered absolutely, saying, well, “absolutely not. At no time ever. ”

After explaining how the FBI ran media relations, McCain pressed further, asking  “why did James Comey deny the claim that he approved your leaks to the press?”

McCabe explained that he did not know the answer than defended his former colleagues saying “He was under an enormous amount of stress at the time. He had a lot of other more important things to worry about.”

McCain snarked “I thought you guys wrote everything down?” which seemed a clear reference to extemporaneous memos that have been cited by both Comey and McCabe throughout this unfolding story.

McCabe explained “we wrote down things when we were dealing with people we didn’t trust,” to which co-host Joy Behar joined in with “like the president.”

“Exactly,” said the former FBI Deputy Director.

Watch above via ABC.

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