Barbara Walters Reviews “Bruno,” Doesn’t Like “Seeing Close-ups Of Anal Sex”

walters_7-14If you haven’t seen the movie “Bruno” yet, you may definitely want, or definitely not want, to see it after Barbara Walters gave her take this morning on The View. Walters, the journalistic leader of the View crew, has a history of being very comfortable discussing sex.

Here’s some highlights of Walters’ review:

– “There are close-ups of penises and pubic hair, with it wagging like this,” she said while making a waving motion (that’s where the screengrab is from).

– “This is almost as pornographic as any pornographic thing I’ve seen.” (She didn’t expand on which pornographic things she’s seen.)

– “I don’t like seeing close-ups of anal sex.” (A subtle wide shot however, may be far more acceptable.)

Whoopi Goldberg added her take as well: “A 12-foot penis on a screen is not my idea of a good time…in the house, yes, but not on the screen.”

For what it’s worth, Joy Behar loved it.

So if you get bored with these Sonia Sotomayor hearings airing on all the cable news channels, here’s a taste of what you can find on a typical day of The View.


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