Bill Kristol on Sharpton: ‘People Have to Be Held Responsible for What They Say’

Joe Scarborough made it clear Monday morning that he believes the rhetoric of “protesters, editors, and left-wing talking heads” following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases led directly to the death of two NYPD officers over the weekend. Moments later, his guest Bill Kristol took things one step further by singling out MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

Kristol began by saying he has “no idea” what was in the murderer’s mind, but quickly asserted that “inflammatory rhetoric” is a “bad idea” because it “inflames people.” He said “on the whole, one wants to hold individuals responsible for crimes” but that “irresponsible statements by a lot of political leaders tarring the police forces of the nation, policeman in general” also played a role.

Despite a statement denouncing the killings as “reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice” in the Brown and Garner cases, pundits have claimed Sharpton is to blame for the shooting and he is said to have received death threats in response.

“The embrace of Al Sharpton by the mayor [Bill de Blasio] and by the president was a mistake given his rhetoric,” Kristol added later. “So, people have to be held responsible for what they say,” he said, before adding, “I’m not saying anyone’s responsible for what happened” to the officers on Saturday.

Yes, people do have to be held responsible for what they say.

Watch video below, via MSNBC:

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