Bob Schieffer: Trump is ‘Undermining the Foundations of Our Democracy’ by Targeting Media

Veteran reporter and former host of Face the Nation Bob Schieffer unloaded on the president while appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources today, suggesting Donald Trump’s recently ramped-up attacks on the media are a threat to the country’s founding ideals.

With Trump now suggesting NBC News and other outlets should lose their FCC licenses for not giving him positive media coverage, Schieffer — who has worked at CBS for 48 years — expressed concern that these attacks could “undermine” the constitutional idea of a free press.

Schieffer’s full comments on Trump’s media attacks and name-calling went as follows:


Well, I’ll tell you. All these attacks on the media — Look, at my age I’ve been called everything from a “nattering nabob of negativity” back in the Nixon days to a female hygiene product these days. I don’t pay much attention to that kind of stuff. I’ve been called all kind of names. What I do take seriously is when he tries to destroy the credibility of the media. An independent press that can gather information that people can compare to the government’s versions of events. And that is what we do. It is as crucial to our democracy as the right to vote. And when people try to undermine that, I think they are undermining the foundations of our democracy.

Additionally, while promoting his new book titled “Overload,” the CBS News political contributor told Brian Stelter that social media outlets have to “take some responsibility” for misinformation that is spread on their sites. Using Pizzagate — a radical right-wing conspiracy theory blaming Hillary Clinton for a pedophile ring — as an example, Schieffer explained that if lies from Infowars can inspire a pizza restaurant shooting, then Twitter and Facebook have to better moderate their users’ content.

Watch above via Media Matters and CNN.

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