Bret Baier Calls Out Republicans Downplaying Riot: ‘You Cannot Watch This Testimony and Say That Is Not a Big Deal’


Fox News anchor Bret Baier on Tuesday called out Republicans downplaying the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and said, “You cannot watch this testimony and say that is not a big deal.”

Following the conclusion of the three-and-a-half hearing by the U.S. House select committee investigating the attack, anchors John Roberts and Sandra Smith opened with a quick recap of the first hearing by the select committee investigating that January tragedy.

Moments later, Baier gave his take on the hearing, which he said he “watched every minute” of.

“If you were watching you saw compelling, at times damning, emotional testimony from these four officers who fought the line to try to protect the Capitol and the lawmakers inside,” he said. “For anybody watching who looked at that and looked at the videos and their testimony about that day and thought it was not violent I think that was an eye-opener.”

“We obviously talked about January 6 a lot in the time since then but putting it all together and seeing it again is jarring,” he continued. “And to listen to these officers say how they really fought to hold onto their lives.”

Baier then mentioned the opening testimony of DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who mentioned being “beaten unconscious” by the Trump supporters and recalled that he thought he was going to die in which he said that he has kids. Fanone slammed lawmakers who’ve downplayed what happened on that day.

Baier criticized Republicans and refuted their arguments about the committee.

“While Republicans politically are saying that this is a partisan effort and that they charge that it’s not going to get to the questions that they think are important about January 6th, why were the Capitol Police so ill-prepared for what happened that day,” he said. “You cannot watch this testimony and say that it’s not a big deal. And you cannot watch this testimony and say that there are questions that are going to take us places that I don’t think we know where we’re going to go yet.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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