Bret Baier: Trump Likes Trolling the Left to Watch ‘Heads Explode,’ Even If He Contradicts Himself


Fox News’ Bret Baier spoke with Dana Perino this afternoon after a very obvious attempt at trolling from President Donald Trump today.

Last week Trump declined to say in front of Vladimir Putin that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. The subsequent White House clean-up hasn’t really helped, but today Trump tweeted that he actually does think Russia’s trying to meddle in the midterms… to help the Democrats:

Perino brought up the tweet and said, “It’s an interesting way to change the message on that, but it also might show that there’s some real effort, perhaps, by the administration to try to stop any meddling from impacting this upcoming election.”

Baier said the media tends to read a lot into the tweets, pointing to Paul Ryan saying Trump is just “trolling people” with his threat to revoke security clearances of former government officials.

Perino did note that the White House has referred to the presidential tweets as official statements, but Baier said, “This president sometimes does troll the media and the left. I think that he wants heads to explode.”

“And when he says,” Baier continued, “that he’s really concerned that Russia’s going to interfere in the election, I mean, that’s exactly opposite of what he said in Helsinki. And that is exactly opposite of what he’s said––kind of cleaned up––all last week.”

And he pointed out that Putin said rather directly he had supported Trump in 2016 during that press conference last week.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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