Brian Stelter: Fox News Poll ‘Right in Line’ With the CNN Poll Trump Campaign, Jenna Ellis Attacked Us Over


CNN’s Brian Stelter addressed his major blow-up with Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis by speaking about how President Donald Trump’s conduct creates a public need for media literacy in America.

Last week, Stelter had Ellis on Reliable Sources to talk about CNN’s recent poll showing Trump trailing to Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The Trump campaign had threatened to sue CNN over the poll, and the conversation between Stelter and Ellis became a huge blow-out over the network’s journalistic integrity.

As he reflect on all of this, Stelter noted on Sunday that Fox News also has a poll showing Biden with the upper hand, and while it isn’t clear if they’ve received any cease and desist letters like CNN did, the president is attacking the network for its “phony polls.” Stelter bid his compliments for the solid track record of Fox’s polling before remarking that “Fox’s poll findings were right in line with CNN’s the week before.”

This is how scientific polls have worked for decades. Trump goes out to his events and calls polls ‘suppression polls.’ He tries to deny the negative news, tries to tell his fans not to believe anything they hear or read, even in this case from Fox News, and he ends up spreading his ignorance to other people. That’s why we need media literacy how polls work. They’re not perfect. They are snapshots in time, but they give us a sense of what’s going on in the world, or in this case, what’s going on in the country.

Stelter continued his monologue by calling Trump a “troll” because of how the president promoted in order to attack CNN, just for Facebook and Twitter to take it down after it was found to contain manipulated and misused copyright content.

Watch above, via CNN.

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