Chris Christie and Dan Abrams Fact Check Trump: ‘Attorney-Client Privilege is Not Dead’

Chris Christie and Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday to discuss the stunning raid of Michael Cohen’s office — and President Donald Trump’s hints that he is considering firing the special counsel.

The former New Jersey governor and close friend of Trump said he thinks the president understands what “firing Robert Mueller would mean,” after Trump’s claims on Monday that “many people” have said he should fire Mueller.

“The president is really angry about this, and expressed that yesterday,” Christie said.

“And if he pulls the trigger?” George Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well that’s a big problem,” Christie said. “And I’ve told him that. You can’t fire the special counsel. You just can’t.”

Abrams, ABC’s chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder, added that “Robert Mueller did not make this decision.”

“Robert Mueller made the decision that, ‘this is actually outside the scope of what I’m supposed to be doing,'” Abrams said, before explaining the process of Mueller referring his findings to the Justice Department.

The pair also reacted to Trump’s claims that “attorney-client privilege is dead,” with Abrams pointing out that there is a crime-fraud exception — in the case of someone and their lawyer engaging in a crime — which voids the privilege.

“Attorney-client privilege is not dead, because of the way the Justice Department is going to approach this,” Christie said.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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