Chris Christie is Not Ruling Out Running for President Again

During a conversation with Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah, former New Jersey governor and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie did not rule out the possibility that he might run for president again, at least some day.

When asked directly by Noah if he would consider another bid for the Oval Office, Christie said this: “You never say never.”

Noah next asked him if he would consider running against Donald Trump.

Christie said he would not.

“In 2020? No, in a primary in 2020, probably not,” he said.

Then when asked if any Republican could beat Trump in 2020, Christie said no, or at least how it looks “right now.”

“Not now,” Christie told Noah, before adding this caveat: “Politics is a dynamic thing and you never know. But based on what you see right now, no.”

Christie then stressed that it is hard to beat an incumbent president in a primary and Trump is “still highly popular” among GOP voters.

The former New Jersey governor entered a crowded primary field in 2016 but dropped out of the race after failing to garner support in the New Hampshire primary.

Watch above, via Comedy Central

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