Chris Christie Sees No Evidence to Support Biden Impeachment Inquiry: ‘We’re Cheapening Impeachment’ Doing This


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie warned against the “cheapening” of impeachment as he voiced his opposition to an inquiry of President Joe Biden.

The former New Jersey governor joined Morning Joe on Tuesday to discuss a broad array of topics. However, the conversation turned to the news that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is preparing to endorse a Biden impeachment inquiry at a closed-door GOP meeting. Asked by Jonathan Lemire if he finds this “an appropriate step,” Christie called for a “thorough investigation” from Congress and Special Counsel David Weiss.

“[Weiss] needs to reestablish his credibility after the ridiculous deal he signed off on for Hunter Biden, which he’s now backed off of because a judge forced him to back off of it,” Christie said. “But I don’t see evidence yet that would support impeaching Joe Biden.”

I think we’re cheapening impeachment by doing that kind of thing. I criticized Democrats for doing that over the Ukraine issue a number of years ago, on impeachment, and I don’t want my party to fall victim to the same thing. But I do think it is important for it to be investigated because there are too many connections now, too many inconsistencies in the president’s story and what he has said and what others have

said who are, apparently, witnesses to his participation in helping Hunter Biden with his business. So we need to know the facts on that, and then we can make an intelligent decision about whether the facts exist to move forward to something more serious. But right now, I think what’s necessary is an investigation both by the Congress and by the Department of Justice.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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