Cuomo and Jim Jordan Battle Over Dem Memo: ‘You Don’t Know Any of This!’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) today about the Democrat’s rebuttal to Devin Nunes‘ FISA memo, and the conversation…uh, turned into a messy, major-league sparring match.

After the two had a discussion about the upcoming budget battle in Congress, Cuomo brought up the complaints from several Democrats about how the Nunes memo wasn’t sufficiently scrutinized before it was sent to the White House, whereas their documents are under review by the Department of Justice. Jordan pushed back after Cuomo said this was “circumventing the process” of declassifying information, and the skirmish continued when the congressman lamented the circumstances of how a “secret court” launched an investigation into Donald Trump.

Cuomo and Jordan sparred over whether the FISA investigation was primarily based on Christopher Steele‘s dossier, and whether the FBI’s terminated relationship with the British spy proves his information is bogus. Jordan continued to berate Steele for supposedly violating his arrangement with the FBI, and he and Cuomo eventually argued over speculation that FISA’s undisclosed court transcripts prove that they omitted any mention to Steele.

The contest reached its climax when both started shouting “You don’t know any of this!” at each other.

The discussion went on to cover Trey Gowdy‘s assessment that Nunes’ memo doesn’t impugn Robert Mueller‘s investigation, the “secret” FISA court, and the notion that the investigation all started due to anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton bias.

Honestly though, there’s so much more to talk about and you really should just watch the whole thing for yourself. So many topics, so little time.

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