Chris Cuomo, Jennifer Granholm Rip Former RNC Staffer for Playing the Woman Card on Potential Nauert UN Pick


As expectations grow for the potential nomination of former Fox Newser Heather Nauert to serve as the next U.N. ambassador, one of her supporters attempted to play the woman card in dismissing points about her lack of experience.

Mike Shields, who previously served as the Republican National Committee’s chief of staff, told CNN Thursday night he felt it was “commendable” that President Donald Trump may nominate a female for the role, arguing that “we should give her a chance.”

Shields added that he believed it was “really hypocritical for the left and for Democrats to talk about promoting women, to talk about giving women a chance” if they wouldn’t do so for Nauert, who once hosted Fox & Friends.

That’s when anchor Chris Chomo jumped in, finding fault with Shields’ point.

“This is the problem with the evolution of gender sensitivity,” he said, noting that Shields’ words boiled down to saying, “She’s a woman. Shut up. You should be happy.”

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm agreed, calling Shields’ statement offensive.

“Can I just say that it’s a really insulting thing to say, ‘Let me throw a woman up there, and therefore our woman problem will be cured or therefore the Democrats are hypocritical if they criticize,'” she said. “This would be the least experienced U.N. Ambassador in the history of the United States. That’s nothing to say, ‘Oh let’s just give her a shot. Let’s just try it.’ Can she stand up to Russia and to China as they’re asking to alleviate the sanctions?”

Shields simply replied with”let’s find out.”

“Why don’t you let her have a day in the job?”

Again taking aim at the Republican’s remarks, Cuomo said, “that’s not how it works,” adding that “we all have to pay the price for her on-the-job training.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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