Chris Wallace Warns Trump: Be ‘Careful’ Attacking Hunter at Debate or Biden Will Bring Up Your Secret Chinese Bank Account


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted that reports of President Donald Trump’s secret Chinese bank account would likely come up in Thursday’s presidential debate, warning the President that attacks on Hunter Biden might backfire.

The conversation came on the morning of the third and final debate and followed a report in which a former business partner of Hunter Biden named Tony Bobulinski confirmed the veracity of an email suggesting an equity split for a new business partnership with a Chinese entity that included Joe Biden. There is still no evidence, however, that the deal actually went through. Joe Biden’s released tax returns reveal no such deal.

Anchor Sandra Scott noted Bobulinski has confirmation that “Hunter sought his dad’s advice on these deals” before asking Wallace how he expects this to play into everything so close to election day in tonight’s debate tonight.

Wallace replied with a clear expectation that President Trump would certainly bring this up in the debate, before citing Wednesday comments made on Fox News by conservative stalwarts Mike Huckabee and Marc Thiessen, who advised the president that no one cares about Hunter Biden and he should focus on issues that voters care more about.

Wallace then noted that Trump has his own China financial issues to worry about. “I think the president has to be a little careful here because you heard Barack Obama yesterday point out that The New York Times had revealed that Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China,” even including Obama’s ding on Fox News that had that been him, they would be calling him “Beijing Barry.” Wallace concluded, “It seems to me Biden will have something to come back at him on.”

Regular viewers of Fox News would be forgiven for not knowing anything about Trump’s alleged secret Chinese bank account as they have been completely occupied by the controversial story focused on a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden. According to a search on television transcript database TVEyes, Wallace mentioning the blockbuster New York Times report was only the third time it had been mentioned on Fox News, one of which was a snippet of Obama mentioning it in a Wednesday evening stump speech on behalf of former Vide President Joe Biden.

By comparison, the term “laptop” has been mentioned 133 times since the report of Trump’s alleged secret Chinese Bank Account came out.

Watch above via Fox News.

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