Christiane Amanpour On Middle East Protests: “Freedom Fever” Is Not Going To Stop

It was a busy morning on Good Morning America as not only did controversial lightning rods Lady Gaga and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann stop by, but ABC‘s own Christiane Amanpour snuck in to discuss the increasing unrest across the Middle East. As violence is erupting in the Bahrain, Amanpour also surveyed the status of protests in some other countries in the region.

With the success of the Egyptian uprising now being a model for many other countries, the people of Yemen are in their seventh consecutive day of protests. Amanpour says that despite the president of Yemen vowing not to run again, the people are not relenting because they too want regime change. Similarly, protests in Libya, where Moammar Gadhafi has ruled for more than 40 years, are increasing in strength and are getting dangerous. Furthermore, there are fears that such a movement might spread to Saudi Arabia, while the unrest amongst the people continues to gain momentum in Iran.

Amanpour predicted, “this is not going to stop, this is now really a freedom fever that’s caught on there . . . they’ve shaken off the shackles of fear.”

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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