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CNN, Fox, MSNBC Sound the Alarm on Wall Street ‘Bloodbath’ After Dow Tumbles 800: ‘Read it and Weep’


When the closing bell rang at the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday afternoon — bringing to an end a day which saw an 800 point drop — the three major cable news networks sounded a note of panic, reacting to what one correspondent termed a “bloodbath.”

“Read it and weep,” said Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto — seconds after the Dow Jones finished off its dismal day, falling 800.49 points to close at 25,479.42.

The shellacking was the second such drop in recent days, as the Dow fell more than 750 points on Aug. 5.

The reason for the tumble, according to the real-time analysis on the three major cable news networks, was President Donald Trump‘s ongoing trade war with China.

“It was a blood bath,” CNN’s Cristina Alesci said on The Lead with Jake Tapper. “We’re down 800 points, a pretty dramatic side even in the final minutes of the closing bell, Jake. This is investors sending a very clear signal to President Trump that they do not like his ill-planned, and so far fruitless trade war.”

On MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace was even more blunt.

“Warning signs flashing red that the economy could be headed for turmoil,” Wallace said. “The Dow closing over 800 points down today as Donald Trump’s political weakness, foreign policy cluelessness, and abdication of American leadership on the world stage is on full and stark display.”

Watch above, via Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

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