CNN Panel Goes Off on Hannity for Not Disclosing Cohen Ties: ‘Sketchy at the Very Least’

On CNN this afternoon, Brooke Baldwin and her panel had some serious questions about Sean Hannity being one of Michael Cohen‘s clients.

Baldwin said this sure looks like a “conflict of interest.”

Brian Stelter noted this is “how the pro-Trump media world works” and noted how Hannity “protects President Trump” on his show on a nightly basis.

“How can you be going on air every night,” Stelter asked, “talking about Michael Cohen, defending the President, and having this relationship you’re not telling your viewers about? That is certainly sketchy at the very least.”

Alice Stewart said she’s known Hannity foe years and respects him, but added “he should have disclosed the fact for the record.” She noted his recent criticisms of Robert Mueller specifically in response to the Cohen office raid.

Keith Boykin wondered if Hannity was transparent with his employers about this relationship, saying if he didn’t, “he should be fired from his job.”

Stelter added, “This is President Trump’s attack dog. You’ve gotta wonder if he’s neutered a little bit by this news.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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