CNN Panel With April Ryan and Stephen Moore Gets Personal: ‘You Were Not Born in This Country!’


A CNN panel debating President Donald Trump’s views on immigration descended into chaos and personal insults after April Ryan accused the network’s conservative economics analyst Stephen Moore of being “biased” against minority immigrants.

Moore began the discussion by suggesting the US should focus only on bringing in immigrants who are skilled enough to deserve entry. “I would love to see an agreement that legalizes some of these folks, that provides a more skill based system so that we get the immigrants we need,” Moore said.

Ryan immediately shot back, saying, “See?! Did you hear this? ‘The immigrants we need.’ But see, again, that’s the point… [Trump] is demonizing immigrants.”

The American Urban Radio Networks reporter then pointed out that “white Americans” actually receive more entitlement aid than any other demographic.

“You have more white Americans on welfare than you have any other group. Your arguments have holes in them, I am so sorry — and they are very biased,” continued Ryan.

Unpersuaded, Moore continued hitting those coming into the country who he believes are just trying to leech off welfare programs: “Immigrants should not be able to go into the country and go on food stamps, that’s ridiculous. That’s the whole history of our country.”

Oddly enough, Ryan then accused Moore of not being from the US — even though he was born in Chicago, Illinois. “You were not born in this country!” Shouted Ryan.

However, she was seemingly trying to say that Moore’s family didn’t initially come from the US and immigrated here at some point.

“I’m Irish,” Moore replied.

Watch above via CNN.

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