CNN: WH Staffers ‘Examining Idea’ That Trump Can Send Tweet To Avert Gov’t Shutdown


We are now literally hours away from a looming government shutdown. The House was able to pass a short-term funding bill that will keep the federal government open until February. Now it is up to the Senate to come together and pass a continuing resolution. And that is definitely not a certainty.

As President Donald Trump is currently planning on traveling down to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his inauguration, his aides are looking at a way that he can maybe sign off via Twitter if the Senate doesn’t get anything passed until late Friday night.

No, seriously, this is what CNN is reporting.

After sending that tweet, Jim Acosta appeared on CNN to provide addition details. He had this to say to Anderson Cooper:

“If this goes late Friday night, one thing that they’ve been studying over here, Anderson, is whether or not the president could send out a tweet late Friday night, early Saturday morning if this gets passed in the Senate. They basically say ‘Listen, I agree with this continuing resolution to keep the government open,’ and that that tweet essentially sends a signal that the U.S. Government is going to remain open. It’s sort of uncharted waters to some extent in that the president feels that a tweet or the president’s team is looking at the possibility that a tweet could send a signal to the world that the federal government is not shutting down.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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