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CNN’s Dana Bash Celebrates Nancy Pelosi Photo: ‘One Woman Standing Up’ to ‘Table With All Men’

CNN’s Dana Bash found remarkable symbolism in a photo released by the White House which featured Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “one woman standing up and, and, you know, giving it to the president of the United States at a table with all men.”

The White House released a photo of what can fairly be called a contentious Wednesday night meeting between President Donald Trump (and his political allies) and SpeakerPelosi over Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. military aid from northern Syria, leaving allies unprotected from nearly immediate attacks from Turkey.

Bash unpacked the photo and noted another “iconic” image with Pelosi’s democratic base referencing a picture of her “walking out of the White House and putting her sunglasses on.”

She then turned the photo from Wednesday night and said “I mean, look at that photo of one woman standing up and, you know, giving it to the President of the United States at a table with all men there. I mean, of course, she’s going to own that.” Pelosi’s social media team “reclaimed” the image by featuring it on her Twitter feed.

Watch above via CNN.


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