CNN’s Dana Bash Presses Top GOP Rep. on Trump Tower Statement: Are You Concerned About the Lies?


CNN’s Dana Bash spoke with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy this morning and immediately confronted him over the latest developments from the Trump legal team.

The letter they wrote to Robert Mueller says that the President did, in fact, dictate the now-infamous Don Jr. statement on the Trump Tower meeting, despite statements from Jay Sekulow and the White House last year denying his involvement.

Bash asked McCarthy, “Are you bothered by the fact that the White House lied about the President’s involvement here?”

McCarthy’s immediate response was to talk about how the Mueller probe has gone on for over a year, the White House has been cooperating, and there is no collusion.

Bash called out his “talking points” and asked again.

McCarthy again insisted there was no collusion and pointed to the Trump administration’s agenda and accomplishments.

Finally Bash told him “you don’t want to answer the question about the lies” before asking him about the role of Congress in conducting responsible oversight.

“Does the President, any President,” she asked, ‘have the sweeping powers that his legal team argues?”

McCarthy again went back to collusion and said even Democrats have seen no evidence either.

Watch above, via CNN.

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