CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Reflects on How the Media Missed Trump Victory: ‘I Got It Wrong’


Over 270 days after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, CNN host Fareed Zakaria tonight owned up to how his views on the 2016 election were in fact mistaken.

“Full disclosure: I, like Trump himself, believed Hillary Clinton would be the victor… I got it wrong,” said Zakaria while hosting CNN’s special Why Trump Won — a documentary offering an introspective look at the media’s misguided election predictions.

Zakaria examined not just his own failure in predicting the election outcome, but how the media at large didn’t see it coming.

However, while Zakaria admits that he got the election wrong, the CNN host still refers to Trump voters as “tribal” and claimed the election was a referendum against “educated” people living in diverse urban cities — or the coastal elites, as many Trump voters affectionately call them.

His investigation into Trump’s support found that they feel “deeply resentful about the direction the country is going in and the people who run the country… Donald Trump is their guy.”

In a CNN opinion piece promoting his special, Zakaria added onto his critique of Trump voters by saying that a rise in minority populations and a promotion of LGBT rights are worrying “a segment of the older, white population, which fears that the national culture they grew up with is fading.”

However, Zakaria has hit both sides by admitting that Democrats “are out of touch about immigration,” adding that the party “should find a middle path” on the issue.

Additionally, a guest who appears in the documentary, Ohio’s Mahoning County Democratic Party chairman David Betras, continues this pattern of blame, saying “Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost as definitively as Donald Trump won.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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