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CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump ‘Has a Right to Be Upset’ His Putin Call Got Leaked

CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger says that President Trump is justified in being angry that information about his phone call with Vladimir Putin was leaked to reporters.

There’s been a lot of commotion over the latest White House leak with the details on Trump’s latest effort to cozy up to his Russian counterpart. Trump congratulated Putin for his winning Russia’s rigged election (despite advisers emphatically telling him not to do that), and now, the White House is launching a “furious” crackdown to address the new leak.

When Brooke Baldwin asked her about this today, Borger said Trump “has a right to be upset” over the leak. She elaborated that Trump was not necessarily “right” on how he handled this, but his anger over the breach is understandable, even though he may use this as an excuse to fire someone today.

“There is a problem,” Borger said. “On this one, I actually don’t blame the president for being upset, and knowing what we know about the president, when he gets upset, he can lash out.”

As the discussion continued on who might be in the administration’s crosshairs, Baldwin wondered what this leak says about the president’s relationship with his top advisers. Borger said that that relationship is almost certainly “bad” with all the chaos of the administration and how many people may resent Trump for how he treats them.

“I think this is reflective of a larger problem, which is that you have a White House that’s kind of walking on tiptoes around this president, unhappy, and I’m going back to the days of the Rob Porter scandal and the way that whole security clearance thing was handled, and so, I think that these things build on each other, and you have a place where people are not happy.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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