CNN’s Reliable Sources on Hope Hicks and Bill Shine: The Fox ‘Revolving Door’ with Trump Admin ‘Very Real’


On CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, host Brian Stelter briefly addressed former Trump administration official Hope Hicks new job with New Fox, the emerging parent company of Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox News and Fox Sports.

Hicks has been named executive VP and chief communications officer for New Fox, the new Rupert Murdoch’s media empire company that is a result of 21st Century Fox’s sale of assets to Disney. That sale will be complete next year.

Stelter discussed Hick’s new gig as part of a larger segment on Donald Trump‘s media moves recently and his relationship with Fox News.

First in the clip above the panel discussed Fox News pulling their entrance-to-exit coverage of Trump rallies, which Stelter noted was obviously a business decision, and how that has affected the Trump PR calculus.

Politico White House Reporter Gabby Orr noted that Trump has been calling in to Fox News shows more in the last week, and giving more interviews to other outlets in the wake of Fox’s decision not to air his rallies in their entirety, something CNN and MSNBC stopped doing some time ago. She said that Trump is obviously frustrated, and that Communications Director Bill Shine is frustrated as they scramble to find other ways to put his message in front of viewers.

Shine was formerly a President at Fox News, and is now Communications Director for Trump. Hope Hicks, who is now taking the job of Chief Communications Officer for New Fox, was formerly one of Trump’s closest top advisers. Stelter brought up the apparent title swap.

“Hope Hicks, formerly trump’s closest aide, is joining [New] Fox as the head of PR, Fox meaning the parent company of Fox News, Fox Sports and the broadcast network,” said Stelter. “She certainly wanted a corporate job, but does this like one of those switches from where Bill Shine went from Fox to the White House and she went from White to Fox?”

CNN’s Doug Heye, to whom Stelter directed the question, said that normally when you talk about a revolving door in D.C., it’s referring to the move between politician and lobbyist and vice versa, but in this case it’s media.

“This shows that the Fox revolving door with the administration is very real, and there’s no surprise you see that message backed up every day on Fox,” he said. “And there are marching orders.”

“I can tell you having worked in Republican congressional offices for the RNC, Fox was looked at sometimes, not to take marching orders per se, but to see what the base was saying so you could react accordingly,” Heye continued. “More so than ‘let’s put my boss on Fox so we can get in front of the base and talk to them’, what’s the base telling us.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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Note: This post has been updated to clarify Hick’s role as executive VP and chief communications officer for New Fox.

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