Colbert Rips Giuliani Over Stormy Daniels Attacks: He Might Be ‘The Biggest D*ck She’s Ever Seen’

Stephen Colbert blasted Rudy Giuliani for recent remarks he made against Stormy Daniels.

Speaking at a conference in Israel, Giuliani trashed Daniels, asking how a porn actress could be a “star” since he never heard of her, adding that he doesn’t really look at porn.

“Me thinks the mayor might be protesting a little too much,” Colbert joked.

Giuliani said that First Lady Melania Trump believes in her husband, something a spokeswoman refuted by saying she hadn’t spoke with him, and suggested President Trump would never have an affair with Daniels because she isn’t a “woman of great substance” like Melania or his previous wives.

“Wow,” Colbert reacted. I know stormy is an adult film star, but Rudolph Giuliani might be the biggest d*ck she’s ever seen.”

The Late Show host also refuted Giulani’s assertion that he only respects “career women” but not porn stars like Stormy Daniels.

“Wrong Rudy! Stormy is a career woman!” Colbert exclaimed. “She’s a director, a producer, an actor. Plus, she’s been a nurse, a secretary, and a lonely step-mom.”

Colbert poked fun at Giuliani’s remarks on North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un coming back to the negotiation table, saying he was “begging” on his hands and knees, which was the “position you want to put him in.”

“Rudy, are you sure you don’t watch porn?” Colbert asked.

He also mocked Giuliani’s wild dancing which involved swinging a napkin in the air, saying he was he was either dancing or “signaling to Mueller that they’re ready to surrender.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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