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Dan Abrams Freezes Hand Trying To Beat Woman At ‘Enduring Pain’ On Dr. Phil Show

Well, how’s that for a headline? Allow us to clarify…

Dan Abrams, whom you might recognize as the founder of this very site, visited the Dr. Phil Show to promote his latest book, Man Down. He was joined by a fellow male (Boo!), comedian Kirk Fox, and two female comedians, Kate Rigg and Kathleen Madigan, in order to test a theory often associated with the fairer sex: Women, it seems, have a higher threshold for pain. Or do we?

Abrams wisely sat out on an experiment involving waxing (possibly because he’s been there, done that), but did participate in a test to determine who could hold his or her hand in a jug of ice water the longest. Both Abrams and Rigg looked mighty uncomfortable during the task

“I’m admitting… I’m in significant pain,” said Abrams, clutching his chair while his opponent coolly studied her nails.

So who was able to hold out longest? Watch the video to find out:

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