Debbie Wasserman Schultz Defends Obama SuperPAC Stance: ‘The Rules As They Exist Now Are The Rules We Will Play By’

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz visited CNN’s Starting Point to address criticism that President Barack Obama has “flip-flopped” on the issue of Super PACs.

“Isn’t there something contradictory in that, though?” asked host Soledad O’Brien, “Saying ‘I’m against it, but embrace it because the other guys are embracing it.'”

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“Well, because we can’t operate in a situation where we have only the resources we can raise in our campaign by very limited campaign finance rules,” said Wasserman Schultz, “and the Republicans will have several hundred million dollars in Super PAC money that will be dumped on President Obama in the general election. So, the rules as they exist now are the rules we will play by, but when it comes to the future and if the Republicans would step up right now, pass a disclose act, apply those new transparency rules and get rid of Super PACs to the election right now — which we would love to see — we welcome them and urge them to do that.”

She added that Obama wouldn’t become beholden to special interest groups now that he’s agreed to play the Super PAC game. “We have been the example in how to reduce special interests,” she said.

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