Dem 2020 Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Touts Praise From… Fox News Host Tucker Carlson


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, has launched a long shot bid for the presidency in 2020.

Why long shot? Aside from her low name-recognition, Gabbard is also loathed by many Democrats. That’s thanks to her questionable past position on gay marriage and brilliant decision in 2017 to go on an unsanctioned “fact finding” trip to visit mass murderer Bashar al-Assad in Syria — only to return with pro-regime talking points.

It makes sense, then, that Gabbard would seek unconventional ways to get her message out. One way that’s going to get her 0 points with the Democratic primary voters she needs to win over? Touting praise from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who interviewed her on his show Thursday night:

Carlson and his ideological acolytes are fond of Gabbard. They share a similar skepticism of the alleged atrocities carried out by dictators like Assad — both questioned his use of chemical weapons, seeing allegations of such acts as justifications for military intervention by American war fetishists. (It shouldn’t have to be pointed out to Gabbard and Carlson that two ideas can co-exist: that Assad is a brutal dictator who uses Sarin on his own civilians and that the United States should not wage reckless foreign wars.)

Back to Gabbard’s Fox News appearance. It’s one thing for Democratic candidates to admirably wade into the news side of Fox News for tough interviews, it’s surprising to see a candidate tout their chummy appearance on an opinion show so proudly.

In his introduction, Carlson painted a rosy picture of Gabbard. Notably, he claimed she’s “the only exception” to American politicians pushing to sponsor violent conflict in the world.

“She’s a sincere progressive, she is a veteran, and she says she wants to keep America out of pointless foreign wars,” Carlson said. “And for that she has been repeatedly attacked in Washington.”

Watching Gabbard’s articulate defense of her ideas above, one can’t help but wonder what exactly she’s running for.

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