Dominion Lawyer Dodges When Asked If Employees She Says Need ‘Closure’ Will Get Any Money from Fox News Settlement


A lawyer for Dominion Voting Systems who emphasized the “horrific threats” its employees received offered cagey responses when asked if those workers will see money from the $787.5 million settlement it received from Fox News.

Dominion and Fox agreed to settle for the eye-popping amount on Tuesday before oral arguments could begin in a defamation trial where the voting machine company sought $1.6 billion in damages. In the weeks after the 2020 election, Fox hosts and guests falsely claimed Dominion rigged the contest against then-President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday’s AC360, Anderson Cooper interviewed Davida Brook, a lawyer representing the company.

Cooper noted threats Dominion’s employees received from people who erroneously believed the company helped rig the election.

“Why settle without an apology?” Cooper asked.

Here is their exchange:

BROOK: These are people as you said, who have spent the last two-and-a-half years receiving vicious and horrific threats on their lives and their livelihood, and to give them the peace to not have to come out here and relive that trauma and do so on such a public stage was something that we were really, really just happy to be able to give to them today.

COOPER: I don’t know if this is a question you can answer, but I think it’s a fair question. Are those employees – some of whom are lower-level employees who actually are in the places where the machines are and are the ones getting yelled at – are they gonna share in the bounty of this settlement?

BROOK: Well, several of our employees are shareholders in the company itself. And so that is a wonderful thing about Dominion and one of the many things about the company that we are so proud of.

COOPER: But lower-level employees who are not shareholders, I mean, they’re the ones you’re saying should get closure. Will there be any, you know, bonuses for them?

BROOK: The employees I’m talking about who were going to come here and show those stories, many of them are shareholders of this company, Anderson.

Perhaps figuring he was not going to get a straight answer, Cooper moved on.

Watch above via CNN.

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